Marshall Media

Marshall Media, Inc. (MMI) is a privately owned media technology company involved in the deployment of next generation, high-resolution audio-video-data streaming over both the public Internet as well as an inno-vative all optical media transmission (AOMT) network infrastructure, and the development of a revolutionary digital data storage technology known as the Quanta Data Writer (QDW) capable of writing thousands of tera-bytes of data (yottabytes), several orders of magnitude greater than any other optical disc media, along with its companion Optical Beam Router (OBR) universal optical reader that will read QDW media along with CD, DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVDs, thus creating a wider choice for content creators and end-users. Applying these advanced technologies, MMI is entering the content creation and live broadcasting/streaming arena, with an ini-tial focus on U.S. sports events, telemedicine, incident/emergency management and corporate communications.

Investment Highlights:
Motocross Live Streaming Event: projected revenue $5 million
Partners: IBM, Cox Communications
Marshall Media already has solid relationships with senior executives of government agencies such as: NSA, DoD, CIA, Secret Service and Homeland Defense.