Past Performance

Utilized Venture Capital Presence as “Follow-On”

In the past our objective was to build long-lasting partnerships and provide our portfolio companies with direct access to a wealth of resources and business development opportunities.

We utilized the investment expertise and contacts of our network in order to access deal flow from numerous venture capital, merchant banking, and investment banking firms with a nationwide network of corporate elite contacts.

Through this network, we participated in the rounds as a follow-on investment. We co-invested and followed the lead of such companies as IDG Ventures, Spencer Trask & Co., Montgomery Pacific, and et al. By co-investing with the premier global firms, we limited risk while maximizing profit potential through a proven exit strategy.

Our management has extensive experience in merchant banking.

We enhanced the companies business development by accelerating their sales and increasing cash flow, while reducing cost of sales budgets. This process shortened the time to market through a clear exit strategy for companies that want to go public or desire to be acquired.

Our present focus is working directly with business owners and management to grow the company internally. Xit Consulting, LLC no longer offers this service. However, our goal is simply to demonstrate our abilities and past track record.

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