Business Consulting

Our goal is to listen to our client’s needs and concerns to completely understand the road blocks that hinder their growth. Once their needs are understood, our Business Solutions’ analysts and consultants work with you,… [Read more]


Strategic Tax Planning

XIT provides the premier strategic tax planning services for small to mid-sized businesses in the United States. Our tax planning is based on current law and substantial authority.  We refuse to utilize high-risk planning techniques.  [Read more]

Business Valuation

Obtaining and retaining the value of your business, however, is not a simple undertaking.  It demands a thorough understanding of valuation, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, federal and state tax law, Treasury regulations and… [Read more]

Exit Strategies

You will need an architect, a person with the intimate knowledge of each trade as well as the regulatory and code requirements that must be met, to provide this blueprint. Without the services of an architect, the process would be overwhelming… [Read more]


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